Alright I Jump

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Alright I jump
And down again the road rolls
Without any want
Carrying my weight
Towards life’s must

We opened our arms
To let each other go again
We made a refuge
Our part time home
At home for just moments
Opened in your arms

Who is present

And just moments later
I am back to Ghost Town
In that house of involuntary loneliness
Where once I hoped to find shelter in
From what it turned into

Slowly that tail entangled my feet
While those eyes caught me thinking
A matter of the heart
It stops
That’s where it starts
And in the end it’s the trapper
Who got carried away
For I keep moving anyway
And there you go

Who drifts past

So similar by description
Related in need
So different in truth
And parted through ideas

All your spiritual masters
Never talk about the spirits
They cut the words out of papers
Feed them to the hungry
Who stay empty inside
Thinking to be sick

You want to be like him
It’s just a necessity he says
And maybe what seems necessary to you
For you however it never was
To shag like one eats
While your stomach constantly grumbles
And in the end all is shit


You’re looking for magic
Covered in paper cut words
And a touch of science
In your spiked drink
Sceptic about your doubts
You wouldn’t let reason in their way
Longing for that poisoned cup
That smells of their approval

Don’t you see?
I never saw me
I am just the wrong idea
A need for a while
But never really wanted
And it was just another idea
That it could be the other way around

Are you still afraid of your want
While the road carries your weight
Towards life’s must?

Down the road again
I have always known the signs
And doesn’t every part of the truth matters?
It’s rolling of the tongue
And down the hill
Towards the valley of plenty

Who dreams future

The past is burning pain
The present my shelter
But future is freedom
And you are alright
I jump

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