Night With Paterson

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I want to write now
Too tired
Too full
But still hungry somehow

Your fingers crossed
With mine
Glowing ridges of tactile sense
So close
So warm
Your smile
Radiates the anticipation
For a place and a time
Just for us now
In this bed
To cuddle
As if we were save
From all the others things and the rest of time
In that moment
That means everything
Every time

You whisper
I am falling
Like a leaf touched by a soft breeze
Down to the lap of the Great Mother

I trust you Deeper than my own thoughts
Can’t own you
This being-with-you is just borrowed
Like life itself

You can’t possess anything
That is holy

I want to kiss every laughter line
Spreading from the exterior corners of your eyes
Like rays of sun
Piercing my chest, reaching my heart

We need warmth to grow
A movie to sleep
Tender peculiarities just for you
To write them down
I will crawl back in there
Where we don’t need one word more
But it feels like as many words
As there stars in the universe
Through that
Our little bodies are travelling and circling
Embracing each other

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