Common Ground

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I want to catch the winds
Hands full of seeds
Blown pieces of our past
Dust of our deeds
Spores for our needs
Flying through that window
Left open

I am weird out still
By the distance
And the difference
Of those rocky roads
To our nearness

So I want to get to the cores
To plant them on common ground

I can need a hand
But I want yours

So much beauty
Growing on a hill of pain
How can it be
It can’t, that’s how

I am carrying the rain
I am washed away
Lost in the stream
That’s where I stay
To catch the waves

I know how
If I just could let it be
And see

The good of the present
Is not tainted by its dearth
In the past
We put our blood into the earth
Where the Great Mother keeps it warm

The wounds will be ripe someday
As sure as death and taxes
And it is a tax we pay
Every feeling
Lived fully or denied
A question of the common wealth Caught like wind and waves
By uncommon people

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