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Less important
Than the pain let me know.
And I am too distracted
Within that constant flow
Of divisiveness,
In this modern times
Of constant stress.

And here we are.
Divided by our bodies,
The maps of our minds,
Drawn by so many boots
Of different kinds,
On too different journeys,
Too far away from each other.
There is poison in the air.
I keep breathing anyway.
The earth is moving under my feet.
Yet here I stay.

I am not.
But hot burns a flame,
Somewhere deeper
Than the cold of all their fearful coolness
Might reach.
If I just remember to remember,
There would be something to teach,
Maybe to learn.
But in the end
It’s my freedom I want to earn,
That feeling running
Like blood through all
That is mine
For real.

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